Speechwork for Internationals

Welcome to Speechwork for Internationals!

WS at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Speech is your birthright. It took years to learn and since then it’s been effortless, right?

When i first started acting, i got lucky. Fascinated by accents and dialects at an early age. My parents were Scottish (Edinburgh and the Borders) who lived in Lancashire, North West England. Emigrating to suburban Toronto in Canada changed the way i spoke. After University, i moved on again to my adopted city of Amsterdam. Here i discovered acting and began to study the necessary skills. But this isn’t about me.

It’s about YOU, the professional who uses their voice to persuade, delight, and sell.

We rarely give our voices any training. You may devote hours each week to physical fitness, yoga, or meditation. So why not take control of your voice?

Instant gratification in voice training is an illusion. Yes, it takes time and effort.                Results are gradual. Applying yourself, your results can quickly be significant.

The solution? Let us teach you about your voice, so that YOU have control.

Our approach is through the 4 P’s of Voice (as per KT Speechwork)

1. People – Your unique Voice

2. Posture – Your Mouth and Vocal Tract

3. Prosody – Your Tune, Melody, Pitch, Rhythm, and Intonation

4. Pronunciation – Your Speech Sounds and Accent

After you have discovered YOUR speech apparatus, you learn how to apply it in learning accents.

The 1 day BASICS workshop:

An amazing 5 hours introducing you to the 4 P’s of your Voice.                                                            You will leave knowing what your voice can do, and where you need to concentrate your further development. Awareness is the key.

PLUS an awesome Voice Warm Up reinforcing what you learned, step by step.

PLUS a new community of people like you developing themselves and gaining control.

PLUS a 50 euro discount on any further courses you follow.

PRICE:  75 euros (incl. btw)

Maximum 8 participants.

SIGN UP via mail: iloveshakespeare@me.com